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Meridians in the eastern province of Ordu 37-38 degrees, 40-41 degrees north latitude has taken place between. East 'in Giresun, Bai in Samsun, in the South of Sivas and Tokat, the North' is surrounded by the Black Sea. Responsibility area of ​​the province is 115 km. width, 62 km. deep. 60 miles long and a small coastal bays and beaches körfezleriyle the sea floor and has the means to easily barınabilecekleri. 6001 km2 area of ​​the province. County population is 858,576 according to 1997 census, 14.3 inhabitants per square km.
Turnasuyu flowing from the south towards the sea, river meleti, Akçaova Creek, Ilica Deresi, Bolaman River, Elekçi Creek, Curi Creek, Walnut Creek, and Akcay River divides the land into the deep valleys.
Between 60-70 degrees steep slopes, and cut up generally consists of the hills. The Army has a temperate climate, especially nuts, the pit potatoes, soybeans, bee, marine and animal products constitute the first places in our country. In the economic structure of the industry in a position to answer all kinds. Hazelnut production is playing an important role in commercial life of the province and provides a large foreign currency inflow. Nuts than any other vegetable and fruit farm ürünllerinden wheat barley, broad beans, rye, yetiştirlmektedir higher parts of our city. Parts of the province is low, usually vegetables and all kinds of fruit (quince, pear, cherry, mulberry, cherry, fig, kiwi, and walnuts, etc.) are grown. Today, as we know, 18 towns, 65 villages Municipality and is also 508. Eastern Black Sea region's unique natural beauty of the bosom of the Army collects
the districts of our city:
Akkus, Aybasti, Camas, Discussion, Çaybaşi, Fatsa, Golkoy, Gürgentepe, Gülyali, İkizce, Kabadüz, Stone, Korgan, Dove, Mesudiye, Thursday, Ulubey and Unye is. Rose from the coast to the south by the deep valleys to form the rugged mountain range extending from the surface forms of squares creates ...
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Area: 6,001 sq km
Population: 715,409 (2007)
City Traffic Code: 52
All the wonders of nature, which is generously on display in a military town, in terms of marine tourism facilities in the Eastern Black Sea province has to the most fortunate.
The region has the longest shoreline of the clean sand and the region. Coastline, beautiful bays, beaches and a variety of natural and healthy recreation spots are available.
City of green and blue embrace hünerlice; poet tried to explain these lines.
Army stops telling all the poems I
Elva elva get my head in a fog
My skin is rain, the sky
Lullaby lullaby my soul çocuklaşır
Waves in a sea of ​​this tale.
So jealous of purple Loincloth
I can not say I'm telling Army
Thousands of tones, the green belt
Branches of the fig, moss kuytuda
Emine says girl's eyes
However, the streets of seven tons of green stink Army.
Districts of the Army; Akkus, Aybasti, Camas, Discussion, Çaybaşi, Fatsa, Golkoy, Gölyalı, Görgentepe, İkizce, Kabadüz, Stone, Korgan, Dove, Mesudiye, Thursday, and Ünye Ulubey.
Army, north of the Black Sea, east of Giresun in the west of Samsun, Sivas and Tokat provinces of the south is surrounded.
In general, the mountainous province in the Army and the Black Sea mountains mountains Canik. Extends parallel to the shore to the mountains. Increasing heights from west to east, these mountains, deep valleys cut by rivers, or to give rise highlands. These plateaus are high hills.
Ordu is a typical Black Sea climate is dominant. Cool winters, mild summers. Rainfall during the year, almost all are.
ordu harita
Historians of his research and excavations in and around the Army was the first evidence of a settlement goes back to the M.Ö.15 thousand years. BC 2 thousand years of the internal parts of Eastern Anatolia, the Black Sea region settled in parts of the mountainous region from the Halipler. Long-term assets in this region continues, and it went forward in the art of bronze-working people who have made excellent weapons. Using wood materials according to the nature of the region today remains much remains of this people. However, in Eskıpazar, Bayramlı Selcuk period, called the old name of settlement, in 1398 with the name referred to Halipia.
Yildirim Beyazit in history with the capture of Samsun Giresun Halipia conqueror Emir Süleyman Bey, Haci Emirzade by accepting the rule of the Ottoman, the Ottomans have left the region. The military province of BC I. Per thousand came into the borders of the Hittite domination. If Kotyora VIII. century, was founded by Miletos. Are stated to be the city's present position in Bozukkale, a small castle, and XI. made from centuries are nothing more than a police station. Archaeological finds prove the existence of the city around rastlanılmamıştır. Bayramlı probably still around the old Kotyora'nın Delikkaya and archaeological evidence is understood that many of the region in this region.
The Medes and Persians in the territory of the army has been the scene of her life. BC The arrival of the Army of the ancient city during 400 years and famous for 10 thousands Ric'atı Ksenefon nutuklarına important fact that the scene is a historical event.
Ordu province was ruled by the later Roman and Byzantine eras, and between the years 1204-1264 remained within the boundaries of the territory of the Kommenus.
XIII. century within the borders of the Seljuk Empire in the Army, XIV. century, came under Ottoman rule. The military district of the province of Trabzon in 1920 until the years when an accident on April 17, 1920, Sanchez was the center that is connected to the military, including Canik Fatsa accident linked to the Army.
As with all Black Sea coast is one of the fish dishes of food that may be preferred.
Army of the province of local dishes, Beet Soup, Beet Stuffed, Melocan Browned, Clumsy Mıhlaması, Galdirik Browned, Keskek, Tirmit (Mushroom) Browned, Corn Bread, Pickles fries, Water Pastry, Anchovies Fried, Steamed Anchovies, Anchovy Stuffed Fried fish and other important ones.
Army can be found in the traditional handicraft products. Rugs, twine, girth, saddle bag, embroidered products, such as writing, as well as weaving, wood and cane baskets can be objects. The Army also found in the production of musical instruments, musical instruments, clarinet and flute.
Pasaoglu mansion and Ethnography Museum, Visiting,
Çambaşı, and Thursday, plateaus and Boztepe seeing something ***,
Eating fish and pitta bread,
Hazelnut and hazelnut products, walking stick, embroidered image without burning to write,
... .. Dönmeyin.
Road: Transport by road is made.
Bus Station Tel: (+90-452) 233 17 98
By Air: Trabzon and Samsun airport is available.
(Samsun airport is 165 km, Trabzon Airport 181 km)
Port Tel: (+90-452) 223 29 27
Registered Immobile Cultural and Natural Heritages SITES (AUG 2005)
Archaeological Sites: 14
Urban Sites: 2
Natural Sites: 1
Historical Sites: -
Other Sites
Archaeological and Natural Sites: 6
Total: 23
Cultural (at Single Construction Scale) and Natural Heritages: 283
Provincial Directorate of Culture
Tel: (452) 223 25 93
Fax: (452) 223 00 64
Provincial Directorate of Tourism
Tel: (+90-452) 223 29 22
Tourist Information Office
Tel: (+90-452) 223 16 08
State Fine Arts Gallery Directorate
Address: City Bus Station Altkatı ARMY
Tel: (0 452) 223 25 95
Fax: (0 452) 223 00 64
Important Phone Numbers
Governorship: (+90-452) 223 18 61
Municipality: (+90-452) 761 21 44
Hospital: (+90-452) 234 32 32
Police: (+90-452) 234 15 20-234 15 21-234 15 22
Gendarme: (+90-452) 517 01 22
Places to Visit
Akkus Island
Province: Army
Districts on Thursday
Area: 2
Altitude: 0 - 20 m
Protection: No
Main Characteristics: rocky coastal islands
Bird Species: Crested Cormorant (90 pairs) population gains important bird areas status.
Ancient Ibrahim Pasha Mosque (Central Mosque, Center):
Located in the middle of the city called for the public by the Central Mosque was built by Ibrahim Pasha in 1800, Atik.
The first niche of the mosque, built in the style of Seljuk architecture, and for many years remained in the mosque in 1340 removed the Selimiye Mosque is located today. Empire in the transfer of the same architecture, the soft-rich motifs in the understanding of the architectural gems of the day was put into prepared ornate altar. There are two balconies, one minaret of the mosque.
Ordu province in the place of incorporation Kotyora (Bozukkale), which is the place of incorporation from the city Bayramlı (today known as Eskıpazar), the old prison (the Church), the Rock of Bayad Assembly within the boundaries of the village settlements, the Museum of Ethnography (Pasaoglu Mansion), Büben Tombs, Hatıplı Cemetery values ​​are important historical city center.
Historic sites in districts; Fatsa district tinkle Bolaman Castle Rock; Unye Unye Castle district, the village of Gurpinar rock tombs, the tomb of Sheikh Yunus; Thursday Yason Church of the borough, the borough of Mesudiye Meletios Castle, Castle Village Castle, Rock Tombs; İkizce first degree archaeological site in the village district Ağcakale Gençağa Castle area was declared a historic places worth seeing.
Army Museum, in the city center, Selimiye Mahallesi, is located on Avenue Taşocak. "Pasaoglu Mansion," known by the name of building a first class example of civic architecture. Hussein Effendi, known as the Army's richest person by eşraflarından Pasaoglu built in 1896.
Together covering an area of ​​625 m² garden and the mansion was built in 1896 Ünye stones, wood and tile materials were from Romania. Craftsmen in the construction of Istanbul is run.
19. century, one of the finest examples of civil architecture Pasaoglu Mansion has three floors including the ground. Ground floor of the administration, the first floor of the ethnographic works **** ion, the second floor is organized in a way that the properties of the host.
Pasaoglu Mansion, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, General Directorate of Antiquities and Museums in 1982, after kamulaştırıldıktan, since 1983, started to repair. Repair and display arrangement was completed on November 18, 1987 Pasaoglu Mansion and opened to service as Ethnography Museum.
Pasaoglu Army House to be repaired and opened as a museum with the Black Sea region and in the last century up to the present day than one of the rare samples of civil architecture are assessed to be left to future generations.
Address: Selimiye Mah. Taşocak Cad. Army
Tel: (452) 223 25 96
Nature and History
Folk revealing and subject to the slopes of the province of Ordu Boztepe, Gülyali Turnasuyu with natural beach town, county Küçükkertil Akkus, SEPA announced in Fatsa Peck Lake, the town of Golkoy Ulugöl, Harçbeli, for winter sports Length: Hill, Ulubey natural beauty of the town Sayacabaşı .
Unye district Çakırtepe summerhouse, Uzunkum, Mesudiye Erico Hill district, Zile, Highland, Highlands Cüle Thursday Efirli important upland and recreation areas in the district.
The vitality of the province still maintains the traditional seasonal transhumance is a way of life. Tourism Center announced Çambaşı Highland, Aybasti-Thursday Plateau, Plateau Mesudiye-*** or something, Yeþilce-Topcam Highland Highlands and Akkus-arginine, also Cüle Plateau, Plateau Aydogan, both the natural beauty of the Black Sea region as well as the capabilities of a large residential areas of seasonal recreation .
*** Or something Plateau
Transportation: The Army in the town 114 km south of the Mesudiye., Mesudiye'den *** Plateau 20 km to reach the village or something. In the summer there are regular minibus service.
Features: 1 200 m The infrastructure of this highland village is partially in place. There are about 50 mountain homes.
Accommodations-Food and Drink: The daily and 20-bed accommodation may take advantage of the Forestry Service. The village residents to the local people can be obtained from meat and dairy products
Thursday Plateau
Transportation: The Army, 124 km. away. (Army - Fatsa 56 km., Fatsa-Aybasti 50 Km., Aybasti - Thursday Plateau, 18 km.) Road is asphalt. Regular minibus service is available between these towns, also, in Tokat province, the plateau can be reached by minibuses or Reşadiye and Aybastı'dan.
Features: 1 350 highland village has a completed infrastructure. Crow Hill is an important village and the market-place, has a view of rare beauty. Mountain plateau, grocer, greengrocer, butcher, a tea house, restaurant and post office services.
Accommodations-Food and Drink: Basic supplies can be obtained here. Bed and breakfast accommodations can be used for the Aybastı.
Çambaşı Highland
Transportation: The Army's 58 km. Kabadüz south of the borders of the district. Kabadüz up to 21 km. asphalt road, 37 km is a dirt road. Tourist season (June-September 30) is a minibus service to the village from the Army.
Features: 1 250 m The infrastructure of this highland village is partially in place. Mountain plateau, grocer, tea house, butcher, restaurant and a mobile health clinic serving.
Accommodations-Food and Drink: Basic supplies local restaurants and markets. There are bed and breakfast lodgings.
Stolen Works
The Rock of the Board:
Former Council Rock Placement Area, the central village of Bayad Assembly district is located on the Rock. And a cistern made of carved bedrock in this area with steps leading down a corridor of water is estimated to be that way. In addition, the ruins of buildings from different periods, and is seen on the surface of ceramic components.
Cape Yason:
Yason Cape Natural and Archaeological Site, Thursday Çaytepe village district within the boundaries of this protected area, is a small peninsula jutting into the sea. Natural and archaeological sites were protected by the second-degree. This is a church on the field, along with the remains of the garden wall still standing. In addition, some parts are remains of wall along the sea coast, ancient port and fish hatchery ponds have come up to the present day.
Aybasti, is a town rich in historical remains. Furze Church, the ruins of the cephalic Village Hammam, Sheikh Hassan, the Cupola Evliyası, visit shrines and places worth visiting places in Highland Thursday.
Natural groundwater resources in terms of the county who are fortunate enough, there are healing waters of the town of Ilica. This water is good for rheumatism, lumbago, diseases such as kidney disease is known to be good. There are known to cure many diseases Elmaköy'de Acisu. Girl tower, and the great plane trees, Göreği monastery, jangle rock and Peck Lake counties are the places worth seeing.
Gürgentepe has historically rich remnants. There are cave villages Tikenlice neighborhood of 11 rock-cut tombs. Spring festival celebrations in the region for many years made this county.
Army, 21 km from the district. to the south. Çambaşı was declared to be the central Plateau tourism, mountain tourism in the region are developing rapidly.
Army in the district center 93 km. away. Şidabdal Tomb of must-see is the district, and Ertepesi include Gulbahce Evliyası Evliyası Karaibrahim.
Dove: The remarkable events festivals Düzoba Plateau. In terms of the natural structure of the district are very suitable for plateau tourism.
Mesudiye'de transhumance tradition has continued. Plateaus in the name of the most talked about and Taştekne'dir *** or something. Plateau in this region are a part of festivals and cultural celebrations are carried out with the VW Bug. Meydandüzü festival is an example of the high country tourism. Mesudiye, the former settlement sites, mounds, tumuli in almost every period with the Army is a town with the most immovable cultural property.
13 km from the Army. away. County Thursday for the establishment of a coastline, has the natural beaches. One of the historical and archaeological values ​​of the district Yason Church.
23 km from the city center. away. Ulubey district has rich natural beauty. Rock tombs, steep arch bridges in the gutter with the historical and cultural riches of Sheikh Abdullah and Saleh Darwish ziyaretgahları generates, is not only important in terms of internal and external tourism.
Unye Castle, Rock Tomb, Rock Tomb Tozkoparan, baths, site of Yunus Emre, and examples of civil architecture in the registration, Unye NİKSAR Silk Road, summerhouse, Çakırtepe, Çınarsuyu Plants, Asar Kaya National Park, natural beaches and places worth visiting Acisu position. In addition, the coastal part of the tourist facilities, camping area and a highly developed pension management services.